"Your cat safe in our hands"

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Apartments fit for a cat

All our guests are accommodated in their own spacious custom-built chalets   each fully lined and warmly insulated.

When required, the chalets can be individually heated. Each chalet has its own run set within quiet surroundings. We have single, double and family chalets that can accommodate up to 4 cats from the same family. For cats that do not venture outside or are elderly, or perhaps need a little bit more human contact we can provide indoor chalets that are attached to the cattery office. 

 We provide all bedding, together with en-suite toilet litter, but guests are more than welcome to bring any of their own items to make them feel more at home. 

Dinner Menu 

Our top class menus offer a wholesome variety of food guaranteed to satisfy all feline tastes. Included on the menu are all major brands of food. Fresh fish and poultry can be provided upon request. If guests have a special diet recommended by a veterinary surgeon, please make sure we have full details. Guests are fed twice daily, unless instructed otherwise.


We are happy to administer guest’s medication during their stay, no charge is made for this service, as we consider this to be part of looking after your cat. We have been fully trained and can administer insulin injections, many of our guests are diabetic.